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Credentials and Experience: Judy Zisk Lincoff is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of Missouri with an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.S.W. from Washington University in St. Louis. She teaches graduate-level courses at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in Family Therapy and Couples Counseling. This training as well as her years of practical experience makes her uniquely suited to offer counseling regarding relationship issues, divorce, parent-adolescent problems, depression, anxiety, women’s issues, self-esteem, family violence, grief, and loss. Judy also co-founded the St. Louis Council Against Family Violence and was a board member for Kids in the Middle.

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Couples Counseling & Therapy Services
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Couples Counseling | St. Louis Couples Therapist

Couples counseling can help married and unmarried couples who are experiencing difficulties such as repetitive arguments, feelings of distance or emptiness in a relationship, pervasive feelings of anger and resentment, or dissatisfaction and lack of interest in affection or in a physical relationship with one another. Working with a marriage or couples counselor can help couples to work through and deal with relationship issues. The main goal of couples counseling is to help a couple deal appropriately with their immediate problems and to learn overall better ways of relating to and communicating with one another. Judy Zisk Lincoff offers couples counseling services to married and unmarried couples throughout the St. Louis area. She can help couples and families to find balance in their lives and to overcome relationship, family, personal, and work issues.

Her marriage counseling and couples counseling services are designed to help couples throughout the St. Louis area to deal with relationship issues, divorce, parent-adolescent problems, depression, anxiety, violence, grief, loss, and much more. If you and your partner or spouse are experiencing relationship or communication problems or simply would like to learn healthy communication skills, please call Judy Zisk Lincoff today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about visiting this St. Louis therapist.

How Couples Counseling Works

Typically, during couples counseling, both partners in a relationship will attend counseling sessions in order to discuss the couple’s specific issues, concerns, and problems. Couples counseling will also help a couple to discover and recognize problem areas in order to address existing problems and prevent future problems. Couples counseling will help couples learn to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and perspectives in a neutral setting with the therapist available to provide necessary guidance and support. During couples therapy, a counselor or therapist will help each individual to understand and share their feelings with the other.

Couples counseling not only helps couples during difficult times, but it can also have a lasting impact on a relationship. Couples counseling will help couples to learn important communication skills that are necessary for growth. A therapist will teach couples the skills and strategies they need to understand problems and address challenges and stressors in a healthy way.

Why Couples Choose Counseling

Couples may choose to attend couples counseling together for a number of reasons. This can include to address and overcome challenging issues and situations, to understand and resolve problems, or to prevent future problems. Judy Zisk Lincoff offers couples counseling services to a wide variety of types of couples in St. Louis. She has experience working with married couples, newly married couples, pre-marriage couples, long-term relationship couples, and couples in new relationships. With her counseling services, she can help any couple seeking to improve their relationship and connections in order to move forward with their lives.

Couples often find it necessary to attend couples counseling:

  • When dealing with stressful times such as unemployment, job transitions, career changes, or financial struggles
  • To overcome frequent arguments and overall feelings of dissatisfaction within a relationship
  • Following major stressors including the loss of a child, parent, or family member
  • When overcoming infidelity
  • As part of pre-marriage preparation in order to strengthen a relationship and prevent future troubles
  • In order to learn healthy and effective communication skills
  • To strengthen a relationship and encourage honesty and openness
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